There is no such thing as a happy ending.  The painful lesson Savannah Storm was always taught after her father's death.  Tolen Storm.  Captian of the U.S.S. Savannah Storm sacrificed his life to save something aboard the ship, but the only problem is, when he launched the item out of the ship it was thrown off course and landed mysteriously in the vast universe without anybody's knowledge about it.  Which is good and bad.  A war rages on as a dark side raises to power wanting what Tolen stole from it.  The object was able to control their superhuman soldiers who were running around like crazy people.  Some of them actually made it to Earth where they attempt to live normal lives.  One of those soldiers is Kade.  A guy who appears to be lonely and unsual who eventually finds Savannah after she leaves home.  He learns of her talents as a car driver and asks for her help to steal cars that way they can make a living.  It is him along with a gang of people: Ryker, Zoie, Jaiden, Jaxon and Kristjan.  Together they all bond stealing cars and making money all thansk to one woman Roulette.  Then one day, their lives change when an old frind of Savannah's comes back into the picutre.  Zachary.  He was a lowly police officer at one time and now racks as some sort of agent who comes to ask them to help with a mission.  The item from Tolen's ship has been rediscovered and to end this on-going war they would need to venture into enemy territory to save it before an apocalypse happens.  Distracted and confused, Savannah agrees along with the rest of the gang.  She struggles to move on from place to place as she learns more about herself along with all the lessons her mom taught her about the lie of happy endings and what not.