Where does the title Absolution comes from?
Whenever I first name something, it typically has something to do with the song I was listening to.  But the song just wasn't fitting so I searched for awhile.  Since a lot of the storyline revolves around war I thought Absolution would be perfect.  It comes from one of my favorite Muse albums.  The title most likely will change, but who knows, it could stay.  I'm thinking of ways to incorporate it into the actual storyline.  Who knows. 
Why the name Savannah Storm?
Funny story.  Sort of.  My grandpa's dog is named Savannah and I've always thought it was a great name.  Something about the name is beautiful so when I was thinking of something to name my character I realized that Savannah would be perfect.  Then later I was watching X-Men: Evolutions on TV and I was thinking about the character Storm and how cool her name is yet how lame of a character she is.  Slowly, I started to think more about her name realizing that I needed to use it somewhere.  So it became Savannah Storm.
Who or what is Kade?
There's a reason why you are reading this screenplay.  It's to find that out.  Ok not exactly but it's one of the reasons.  So sorry, I'm not going to spoil it here for anybody.  Read and find out.  I can only wish that everybody could watch to find out, but I'm not so lucky to have a chance to publsih anything and so on.
What is Labor of Love?
Labor of Love is just me goofing off.  It's the background story all about Tolen and Chandra Storm.  It's how they met, fell in love, Tolen's racing days along with his death.  The story is depressing but I still have a lot of fun to write.  It's hard at times but I enjoy it.  Check it out if you ever want to.
Where did the name Roulette come from?
It was a combination of Pokerface by Lady Gaga and a character in Superman.  I just wanted a character out of the ordinary such as both but more along the Lady Gaga lines because I thought that would be fun.
What's your inspiration for Absolution?
I could go on forever about this.  But I'm not going to.  There are a few main things that inspire me and one of them is real obvious.  J. J. Abrams take on Star Trek (translation: the most recent Star Trek movie).  It's the first time I ever really appreciated J. J. Abrams, I was simply blown away by everything that he came up with for the movies.  It was impossible not to be inspired.  Along with this is the score for the movie, which I listen to a lot.  But there are plenty of other things.  There's a little bit of Star Was, too.  George Lucas is a genius, too.  The most recent Speed Racer movie with Emile Hirsch in it.  That movie is incredible and it just blows me away every time I watched it so for the first time I thought I'd put some cars into what I was writing.  There are all sorts of little things here and there but I'd have to say the biggest band that inspires me for this story is the Silversun Pickups (well a little of Kamelot, too).  Anyhow, the Silversun Pickups are perfect.  The mood of their music and the lyrics fit a lot of situations, which is why they're always on the soundtrack.  I'm surprised that there's not much Muse since that's where the title came from.